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Ville Ferrano

Olive Oil Box

Olive Oil Box

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Love to cook or want to share the taste of Italy with friends and family? This olive oil box is the perfect way to enjoy the freshest olive oil.  Includes 6 full size bottles (.75 L or .5 L) of our cold pressed olive oil. Choose from our 2021 or 2022 harvest. 

First Cold Press | Extra Virgin Olive Oil Harvested each Fall from the 1000 olive trees on our properties. Our oil is hand picked and pressed within 24 hours of harvesting. Our olives produce a distinct and delicious spiciness that comes from the beneficial “polyphenols”, powerful cancer fighting compounds.

Product Information

100% organic small batch wine & olive oil. Produced in Tuscany in the Sangiovese region.

Wine: 750 ml, 14% vol

Olive Oil: 0.75 ml

Serving & Storage Instructions


  • Serve at room temperature

Olive Oil:

  • Store in a dark, dry place
  • Serve at room temperature

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